Honey As an Anti-Cancer Agent


Can Honey Effectively Kill Harmful Cancer Cells?

We are all used to think of honey as a natural sweetener. Not too many people are familiar with the strong anti-bacterial and cancer-killing properties that honey has.

The biomedical literature has been profound enough to find some 69 health benefits of honey. As a matter of fact, honey has been considered a superfood, ever since that became a “thing”. Together with some other superfoods, such as kale, quinoa and spirulina, honey is considered to have potential to treat life threatening diseases like cancer.

Recently, manuka honey was identified as the richest natural bee product. By richest, I mean highest on antibacterial MGO properties. Study published in the Molecules journal clearly demonstrates manuka honey capabilities to slow down the development and progress of cancerous formations. These healing capabilities are primarily attributed due to the evidently high presence of phenolic acids and flavonoids in raw honey.

Trying to keep the science language a minimum, I will simply say that many of the flavonoids are classified as phytoestrogens. This makes them a binding capability to mammalian estrogens and estrogen receptors in general. In other words, flavonoid rich manuka honey can positively influence estrogenic activity in positive cancers. Numerous animal studies have already shown that. The guys at Healing Manuka have come up with a list of the best manuka honey brands.

The true miracle of honey comes from the fact that its natural compounds only target the harmful cancerous cells. The Tualang honey for example has such “programmed cell death” that leaves the non-cancerous cells unharmed, while only targeting the harmful cells. The reason why people suffer so much during and after treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy is that these artificial treatments target and destroy good and bad cells together.


Is honey better than chemotherapy?

Many studies have now demonstrated that honey kills cancer in animals. The Tualang honey was compared to multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical drug Tamoxifen. The study was conducted regarding breast cancer and the results were astonishing. Honey was able to destroy the harmful cancer cells with the same speed as Tamoxifen, while leaving the good cells unharmed. Furthermore, this drug is classified by the American Cancer Society as inherently toxic to the human body.

Further research has shown honey’s capability to kill a variety of cancers:

  • Liver cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Colorectal cancer

The war on cancer

It is widely acknowledged that we have now lost the war on cancer. In the early 1940s one out of 20 people was prone to get cancer. That number in North America has now jumped to one out of three people.

The cancer industry in the United States is a money making machine. The National Cancer Institute states that the annual medical costs of cancer are closing up to $125 billion, and there is a projected 40% increase year after year.

The truth is that the cancer industry has become huge. It employs too many people and produces too much income for the right people. As such, it is in nobody’s interest to discover a cure for cancer.