What Is A Waterpik


Have you been practicing good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily and you still feel that something is missing? Have you been wondering why you are not getting that fresh feeling in spite of your daily dental routine? The answer to this lies in a simple device called a waterpik.

How does a waterpik work?


A waterpik is an oral irrigator. It uses a powerful stream of water to effectively remove plaque as well as food particles from the teeth and the gum line.

How do you use a Waterpik?

One of the biggest advantages of using a waterpik or a water flosser is its ease of use. You don’t need to open your mouth wide or use a mirror when using a water pick.

To use it you need to place the tip of the flosser in your mouth, close your mouth almost fully and lean over the sink. As you turn the power on, the motor and the pump will cause a stream of water to flow into your mouth. This pulsating and pressurized stream of water helps remove the plaque and food debris that may be stuck. You can also set the pressure of water as per your comfort level.

It is more comfortable to use than the string floss. It also helps to stimulate the gum tissue for added health benefits.

How effective is a waterpik?

That really depends on the model and your needs. Visit Dental Dorks to find extensive reviews of the best water flossers on the market. This will help you decide what can be more effective and efficient for your own needs.

Using a waterpik is far more effective than brushing and flossing using dental floss. The reason of this is because it cleans substantially further than the other methods of cleaning. Also, since water is used to clean the food debris, users find that they feel a sense of cleanliness after they use it.

It can be also used to clean sensitive gums. There may be times where some food debris can still be left behind after flossing. With the use of the waterpik, you will never face that problem.

It is also a great option for consumers who wear braces. Brushing teeth as well as using dental floss to clean the small spaces that the braces cover can seem like a tedious process. The waterpik can be easily manoeuvred to clean the smallest and tough to reach places.

Food can also get stuck around dental work like bridges, crowns or implants. The water flossers would really come handy to clean around these places. They are also useful for people with dexterity issues like arthritis.

The waterpik is a great product to help motivate people to cultivate the good habit of flossing. Itis not only easy to use but it is alsoenjoyable and very effective.