How To Choose The Best Wine Aerator

best wine aerators

Today, choosing the best wine aerator is a hard work because of the countless types available on the market. Drinking wine is more complicated than just pouring fluid into a glass. In every wine, there are levels of flavors hidden deeper. This is where aerator comes up the stage.

With the help of aerator, you can examine the wine more thoroughly. When mixed with the oxygen, wine will have better taste and smell. For different types of wine, you need to use a different kind of aerators. Others use decanters. And because White wine is more fragile than red wines, aerators and decanters are more frequently used on the latter.

Choosing the Best Wine Aerator

There are many different types of wine aerators in the market today, so choosing the best one is not easy. However, when you get to this process, you need to consider your needs and your taste. After that, you should pay attention to the feature provided by a particular aerator. At XogWine they have listed several factors you should consider while you are choosing the best wine aerator.

Wine Aerator Design

Maybe this doesn`t seem relevant, but the design is one of the most fundamental elements of wine aerators. When you have guests, you will want to impress them, don`t you? From the most complex to simple and elegant ones, no matter the style, the filtration of air is following the same pattern.

Wine Aerating

Aerating the wine is a faster option than decanting. Both of those options have pretty much the same process. If you have an aerator, you don`t need a decanter. Look at this as an investment. After you buy an aerator, you will probably use it for a year or so. For more expensive bottles, you should acquire more expensive aerators. In that case, the cheapest option wouldn`t be good enough.

Wine Budget

Like in any other business, the budget dictates the equipment you are going to have at your disposal. Decanters prices are around $20. The cost depends on the type of decanter or aerator. The most expensive decanter can be around $50. You need to consider your needs. In the end, it is all up to you. Aerating the wine is not always unavoidable for white wine, so you can choose a cheaper option.

Stages of Air Filtration

The aerators that have better air filtration are going to make wine taste better when it is poured into a glass. By doing it this way, oxidation is going to be bigger, without limiting the process of aeration. Usually, the degrees of aeration can be seen in the product description.


In the end, we can say that choosing the best wine aerator is up to you. Choose what suits your needs the best. Besides that, you need to consider if you have white or red wine. Releasing the hidden tastes in your wine after aerating or decanting can show your guest that you have knowledge about wine, and in the process making their night unforgettable.